Saturday, March 13, 2010

the law of indecision

habitually, i tend to read half way through a book, decide i've over-exceeded my understanding and then stop there. i may go back and read a little more a few months later, but that growing pile of books on my bedside table remains, perpetually, unfinished.

it is the same with movies. i'm watching elizabethtown as we speak, but i'm only halfway and they still have to kiss. as of yet, they haven't. not even much more than a wink. my motivation for watching to the end is to see this kiss, which i am sure will come, otherwise i shall be bitterly disappointed and might throw something solid at the television as the credits roll.

something new:

c) one more hipster//rockenroller.gig-hunter//high-waisted skirter//photog with a blog.
b) another blerrie afrikaans trendoid slash journo-groupie out there by parys.
a) woman of substance.

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