Saturday, March 6, 2010

torrential stampeding masses

okay. so much of my general tone in this blog is cynical, bitter, humourist, satirical, melancholic and -i love this one- self-righteous.
there. i said it.

here's why:

i dislike people who write their names as 'johnny-danger 'zoot' fitzpatrick.
or cathy 'whoosh' deluxx-baby moondollar smith.
or steve electrobunny williams.
it just gets to me. you ain't no special-er than i. deal and move on.

i dislike shopping on saturdays, especially when everyone is terribly lower-to-lower-middle class and everyone gets into this feeding frenzy and there are queues and i know that sounds really classist and snobby, but i am only sensible (read Muriel Spark's Black Madonna).

i dislike knowing i have work to do but also knowing that i am in no mood to do it.

i dislike it when you walk up and down the street at 2am and there's nowhere to go because everywhere is too elitist/agist/full/overcrowded and full/boozy/expensive/brawly/post-modernist to oblige patrons.

i dislike it when uncouth vulgar neanderthals try to grope me in the crowd and then don't have the testicles to 'fess up and take the slap.

i wish i could write everything everything everything in just prose. or modernist free verse. there doesn't have to be rhyme or meter. hell, not even punctuation. i would like to write my whole life in prose. thankyou.

do you write?
you should.
I am written to.

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