Wednesday, March 3, 2010

jesus wants me for a sunbeam

today's digressions

pescetarianism is an accepted form of vegetarianism because fish are a lower order of vertebrates, cold-blooded and less ethically questionable than consuming mammals. however, some argue that aquatic organisms are sentient, or feel pain.

like, did you believe your eyes when you saw so-and-so holding hands?! like, gawd.

hats of different shapes and sizes are worn casually around campus.

some people hate gays. others are more liberal. some just don't give a shit if you're gay or straight or somewhere on the gaydar at all.

adding to that, being at uct means you can be more gay than you were in high school. more on this to come.

there's a guy who walks around campus in a genuine world war two gas mask and a darth vader cloak and is mad about dungeons and dragons. his name, most anti-climactically, is Tom.

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