Wednesday, June 2, 2010

abbreviated branding

she's just your average vida-slurping yuppie with a loft apartment and a cameraphone who works in advertising. actually at the same company that i interned at in grade 11 all those years back...

like most other imsointerestings in this city she has a blog, surprise, surprise. but does she really have something to say? judge for yourself. you can even follow her on twitter if you so much as care where on the atlantic seaboard she's having lunch today, or else which branded party she's attending at the weekend. i don't, however.

she has been described as the 'infamous' blogger; a trendspotter, in her own words, and somebody she believes to be 'very special.'

don't we all.


ooh is that kloof street i see in the background? now really.
and the tuna burgers at the mill are pretty good, but perhaps not enough to tempt me.

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