Friday, June 4, 2010

call me what you wish. i remain fixed.

my insufferable cynicism can be quite a trial, i'll say. i am a bit of a fuss. but here's the thing: i just don't really acquaint well with people who i meet out and are fucked out of their heads. i may greet them once and say a polite goodbye, not expecting in the least to ever see them again in any other context, let alone anticipate their remembering me at all should we ever meet again.

call me a snob but when boys come up to me looking for a good time, i can do only this: take them firmly and squarely by the jaw, tell them thank you for the offer, i am flattered and you sure as hell think yourself sexy, but i don't wanna. so why don't you run along now and find some poor soul who does wanna?


fuck's sakes.

and off he goes.

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