Thursday, June 10, 2010

a little princess

a pretty curious princess came round one day looking for treasures and finery. she wasn't rich or beautiful, or tame to the eyes. but she was princess nonetheless.

for a while i have known a group of girls from the township who come to visit the toy shop where i work every now and then. i'm not really allowed to let them in the shop. it must be because kids are always suspected of having nimble fingers, especially dark ones. but i never cared for rules.

one of the girls is called princess. she had a squint eye but they fixed it up nicely at the red cross. she's about eleven or twelve but small and slight for her age. she saw that i was trying to knit and taught me quite a skilful overstich. she talks a lot whenever she comes in. she knows my name now and asks for me. she often brings her friends with but they wait patiently outside the shop, knowing that they shouldn't come inside. they tell me how old they are and that they want to be famous actresses and pop stars when they grown up. sometimes princess and nosissi bring a small toddling boy by the hand. he picks up a small cheap toy with fascination. when it's time to go and he is told to put it back, he weeps.

princess is a good girl. her mom cleans a house here in town. that's her job. i told princess to go to a good high school next year and to stay away from drugs. she most certainly agrees.

Marry Prince William? I'd love that. Who wouldn't want to be a princess?
Britney Spears, as quoted.

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