Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the importance of good manners

i believe that good manners are the best and most valuable possessions that any parent can hand down to their children. manners are a commodity dearly bought and rarely come by, especially in this fast-paced modern age. we can only learn then through tradition and breeding. in the 21st century, with the dynamism of technology, the value of time and the speed at which we buzz around on our daily business we are forgetting the humanity of our fellows. we are blissfully unaware of the needs of others, concerned only for our own pleasures and comforts, preoccupied by our fantasies and warped senses of establishment. we chase the dream of affluence, and thrust our shiny platinmum barclays at wide-eyed young girls behind shop counters.

working in a service-orientated job (a humble student i am) i have to deal with rude, abrupt and demanding people regularly. as much as i'd like to roll my eyes and tell them down which hole to stick it, i cannot, because the customer's always right.

having said that, i am pretty close to telling these spoilt, good-for-nothing gawdy people where to get it off, because honestly, i am sick to death of hearing of their trivial pursuits, petty complaints and whiny bids for attention.men assume patriachy, women snap at one anothers heels. children whine and grab and plead. if this continues there will be anarchy.

i have also learned that no matter how much money, power, influence and wealth you possess, no matter how flashy your tiffany's diamonds, no matter how growly your four-wheel drive or how tight your juicy coutured ass is, you cannot buy good etiquette.

sorry honey, that you gotta learn. too bad your six dime mommy didn't teach you that.


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