Sunday, July 18, 2010

feathered little daughter

the other day I wrote a post about home.

well, right now I am feeling as though I'd like to take that all back. I feel like I have just burned the toast. or left the bath running and now the water has overflowed and flooded the bathroom. Or simply my parents are having a hard time letting me go.

it is as if they want to me to be an adult and grow feathers and fly or whatever other bird-related analogy you can fit here. but at the same time they're scared.

scared i'll fall and graze my knee like I did in primary school on the playground. in those days i sat down and cried until a band-aid was put on lovingly over the bloodied mess. i can't cry now. i am a big girl and need to move on up.

sorry mom and dad, but it is time. you cannot hold on forever.

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