Friday, July 30, 2010

sustainable harvest

so i know all you hipster slash liberals out there simply adore a good dose of coffee before you go back to your independant-thinking deskjobs with the ever-urban and infinite desire to be effortlessly cool.vida e caffe is the household brand, hell, there's probably one within four blocks of your lofty kloof street apartment (i'm talking local now because we're not in williamsburg and there's sadly no starbucks here).

anyway, what i'm trying to get to here is not gonna sit too tight with all you skinny jean-wearing, illy-drinking outfitters. big question today - what exactly happens before that serving of freshly ground coffee is ground and stirred and steamed and poured into your waiting to-go cup?

luckily, in the spirit of sustainable development, coffee giant ILLY thought twice about this.

Sebastião Salgado, whom I mentioned in an earlier post, has shot a controversial series entirely in black and white as a tribute to the coffe-growers in Brazil, India, Ethiopia and Guatemala.
In a profound offering to human dignity Salgado documents the story of these ordinary men and women and shows how, with every bean, our coffee is harvested, dried and selected.

makes you think a little bit beyond your morning fix, no?

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