Thursday, July 22, 2010

one day in tribeca

Triangle Below Canal = TriBeCa

a neighbourhood in Lower Manhattan, known for its high-end real estate and celebrity residents (even JFK Jr, Leo Dicaprio and Meryl Streep have been known to reside within Tribeca's dialing code, which is 10013 by the way).

the architecture is an eclectic mix of neo-Renaissance and Art Deco, with some industrial conversions of cast iron buildings that have undertaken to serve as residential lofts.

during the 60s and 70s the warehouse-district of Tribeca was a secluded space for Manhattan creatives settling down to an inexpensive life of urban solitude in the concrete wilderness.

i decided to look up the real Tribeca after i had this amazing mint mocha at Tribeca Bakery on Kalk Bay Main Road. Steamy heaven in a good size cup topped with frothed milk. I recommend.

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