Wednesday, July 21, 2010

french habits

i can't sleep so i am going to write about france.

france is the place where you can grow the perfect love story. it has just the right climate, temper, manner and charm. it also has the right soil for growing love. fertile and airy with the ideal amount of minerals to nurture and foster a love so abundant that every silly young girl would gladly sow her seeds here.

france smells of mint and wax wrapper and incense. it is the accordian playing through the old plaster walls. it is the creak of the wooden floorboards which shudder with the musical strikes of the grand piano. france is the family gathered around the dining table, slowly drunken on good bordeaux. france is the log fireplace when it is cold outside. a walk in the snow when it's about to fall. and the joy of it when it does.


Serenity said...

Haha this is the coolest piece ever. I'm a romantic at heart, so definitely agree with this. Just wish life matched our dreams & expectations every now & then. Unfortunately for me, I was born in Belgium not France so no idea what it's like. So close, yet so far haha!

CoqueliCows said...

Hey, I'm french so it's funny to read this. I think that France looks that cool because you see it from outdoor.. I don't want to disanchant you but I don't see why love would be better in France than anywherelse ahah! Actually, you just enumerated the reasons why it would, but I don't think it is true ; "the right climate"? It rains the half of the year (in fact we are in june and it has rained this morning), it is not the most romantic situation. Politics men of our country are all idiots self-interested, it isn't the war but we don't really believe in a beautiful future here, we do are disanchant I think.
Anyway, sorry if I have made mistakes in english, and if I have dramatized the thing in comparison to the cliché.

MOTH said...

Salut! Thanks for your comments. CoqueliCows, yes, my description of France is one that is purposely idealised. I went there for six weeks on exchange, and didn't live there for a long period of time. My experience as a tourist was a somewhat magical one, as I'd never seen any place like France before. I know, however, that it must be a vastly different experience to actually live there, rather than just visit. :)

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