Sunday, March 29, 2009

fools who fall in love

for the past few days I have not managed to feel much better, and besides crying until i wondered if it was even possible anyone had so many tears to cry, I have realized that broken hearts are as commonplace as a bout of flu, or catching a cold. love is part of the human condition (an abstract and rather un-definable word) and with love comes hurt. love is the most beautiful and pure emotion, which tragically goes hand in hand with hatred and brokenness. I suppose once we invest everything we've got into the enigma called love, we find that if we lose it we have nothing. i feel alone because he has left me, but i am not alone in the world, because every human being will feel this sometime. it is part of our fallen world and our capacity has mere humans, mortals and fools

i was waiting at the station but i didn't want the train to come. i knew what was coming, i saw it coming, but, in vain i tried to pretend it would bring you closer to me. instead, the train arrived, and it took you away on its next departure. i am sorry i tried to fix you, because i know that i can't. i wish you well, in all your endevours. i had looked forward to seeing you on your birthday. but still there has been no word.

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Maximilien alias Gamaliel said...

... That's horible he , this feeling that you are alone in an ocean of unundestanding . We can't define love beter that you just done . You should have take the train . And now i start to feel like you say ...

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