Tuesday, March 10, 2009

made in china

Rather than talking about myself all the time and using such self-interested pronouns such as I and me, I am rather going to discuss the world economy.
our every day purchases are products of Eastern labour, violated child labour laws and low standards of living for millions.

made in china?

think, plastic, think, mass production. sweatshops are working conditions that may prove hazardous to workers, blue collared workers whose standards of living are that of pure industrial conditions, minimum wage and exploitation of many a laboured hand. factories drain the sweat from the brows of millions, mere workers who have but one goal and that is to feed their families. the Eastern mind set of consistent toil is used as the greatest manufacturing secret for the satiation of the West's hunger for consumables, and the monetary and material desires of capitalist societies. the sweat runs down their brows in floods, gathers in pools on the factory floors and gushes from the darkened windows, through floor gratings and under door frames. the hours are long, there is noise, smoke and heat, and still the factories produce reels by the tonnage, until the exhaustion of one comes and the next replaces. their bodies are lined in assembly lines. shops for bodies and blood create the industry of human trafficking in return for your retail therapy.

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