Tuesday, March 17, 2009

saint patrick of AD 387

Declared a Saint in Heaven by various Christian churches, scholar, slave, missionary and patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick has his very own day dedicated to his legacy. well. tis a working day to say the least, and (disgracefully) I had no idea tuesday today on march 17 was the man's commemorative day.

legend has it that st patrick drove away every snake on the island of Eire, thus cleansing the country of Satan's serpant, according to Druidism and pagan superstition.
the irish shamrock, the four-leafed clover that supposedly represents a spell of luck to its finder, was used by the saint of legend to demonstrate the concept of the Holy Trinity to pagans. such did the christians burn with disdain for those of folk religion, those who believed in the Tuatha Dé Danann, the peoples of the sacred oak tree. those of good harvest, mischief, fair face and makers of natural medicine were the sky people, those born of the sidhe mounds. the fair folk, the wee people.
the fairies.

witchhunts raged throughout europe as the Church sought to destroy all that opposed the deity of God in Heaven, and the sworn Biblical truth of Christianity.

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