Tuesday, April 20, 2010


the difference between art and the aesthetic

the aesthetic is the nature and appreciation of art.
art is the conscious act of arranging.

art may be purely representation. it may be only that which it is, pretty as a picture. but art is more than appreciation of beauty. i've seen some ugly art. i've seen downright repulsive art too. art is an activity of diverse range. it is a philosophy manifesting in literature, visual display and music.
art as mimesis has roots in the philosophy of aristotle as a vehicle of creative expression and construction of visual representation using formal elements.

i believe that art is basic human instinct.

here's what else:

art can be found.
art can be made.
art can be political.
art can be imagined.
art may be sexual or asexual.
art can be mathematical.
art is judgement and dispute.
art may be rational but also Romantic.
it can be for its own sake. or yours. or mine.

art is the raw pulse.
it is God's axis.

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