Monday, April 19, 2010

the writing on the wall.

evidence of protest found on wall of the den of indie scum itself. someone dared to declare themselves INFINITELY awesome. whoever this insolent perpetrator is, he or she has found reason to be awesome beyond the annoying streams of flash-pics by celebrity (and not so celebrated) party paps and captured moments of iniquity and triple cigs. Yes, alas, the scalliwag has denied those paps of their lewd intentions - to hold up an accusing mirror to those waiting in line to be awesome. those who aspire to haunt the halls of assembly and evol in true interesting fashion, attempting to be an epiphany to all wannabe indie kids who also want to wear cool hats and smoke american brands.
this naughty bastard has dared to challenge the elevated heights of urban elitism.

yes. you will ALWAYS be awesome.

toilet cubicle, ladies bathroom at the assembly.

may the writing never fade.

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