Saturday, April 3, 2010

i amn't

eavan boland reduces the 'i'

the combination of a psycho-revelation and biography in a symbiotic relationship appears in boland's poetry, while understanding the function of 'i' as limitation of the self and thus, enables the understanding of others.

boland's aesthetic acknowledges the futitility of art, the damage done by misrepresentation

the negating of the self-affirmative: i amn't (i am + i am not): the exile, the negation, the positivity, the dislocation, the gap in her identity.

she is Chardin's woman, the younger sitting of his eighteenth century portraiture. she looks on as he paints a folly of herself, as if the light of the late summer afternoon is deviating from the mirror and framing her, the subject. her seperation from herself is part of the poem's discourse. she is experiencing an edge of narcissism coupled with the aesthetic of self-representation, and the disapproval of art as a contrived excuse of 'making do'

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