Monday, April 19, 2010

birthday requests

a dressing gown with my initials embroidered on the collar
a pair of pixie ankle boots
tickets to the pink flamingo cult cinema and an occasion to dress up for the bioscope.
a polka-dot umbrella
a lappytoppy.
some mocha java for my coffee machine, rounded and warm.
chilli poppers at deez.
a steak out.
the house that jack built.
a train ride.
ba ba black sheep
some fish food for elvis
a set of cool retro headphones so i can walk around campus using them as ear muffs that play music too.
a pamper session at a spa with mani/pedi
kristen stewart's stupid head on a platter
all round A's for my exams
julius malema's babies.
a fish eye camera.
a pickwick's milkshake (make that a double)
a dive with a shark
a long-awaited opportunity to slap someone in the face.
a published work.
perfection and anarchy.
books and lots.
a choc and chilli mojito at arnold's
a great big hearty laugh.
a croissant from l'alliance francais
the elixir of life
self-actualization and achievement of 'happyness'

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