Wednesday, April 21, 2010


hierachies are to be found meshed into the delicacies of living, in day-to-day existence, interactions and encounters.

a hierachy is power or authority based. it is display of one's uppance on the other. it is the proof od superiority over the subordinate.

it may be called intraspecial dominance, or pecking order in both animals and humans. amazing, i think, how like we are with animals. we could almost be stripped of our clothing, dignity and language and become grungy beasts.

we are inclined as humans to boast of our achievements, whether it be blatant of underhanded. we may boast of our conquests or material wealth, children, spouse(s), mistresses, academic wit and drinking habits.

eventually, we have exclusion. each tier of the social hierachy is seperated by either submission or arrogance. and in the centre, mean neutrality.
either or any way, we cannot escape hierachical order, be it in family, business, education or government. there will always be someone higher than you are. there will always be a bank trying to rob you. and rob you blind. there will always be the media overloading you with torrents of information. there will always be a bouncer at a club. there will always be the undeniable truth that it's not what you know but who you know.

and there will always be silly people like me who constantly swim upstream, refusing to be breakfast for those ravenous tycoons, power hungry monarchs and religious fanatic who tries to make me the subject of their power-surging rampage, tying my down with red tape and force-feeding me capitalist soup with a silver spoon.

if you are vehemently critical of such hierachies, pick one or more of the following:

[]critical theorist

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