Saturday, April 3, 2010

safe as a house

tuck: when do you feel safest eliza?

eliza: hey, tuck.

tuck: well, do you?

eliza: i am as safe as the distance from the beach. as safe as when you wait for the traffic light to change to green, and you cross the road. i am as safe as a good walk home, but not at night. safe as being indoors when it's thundering outside. safe from the outside but not from myself.

tuck: i like to think i am safest and soundest when i am alone, about to fall asleep in bed between my sheets. wrapped up and chilled between my sheets, then warmed by the heavy sleep that slips my body into fetal position, weighing my eyelids and then poof! it takes me. and i am safe.

eliza: life is never a safe bet. you don't get safe bets in life. like when decisions and love and the Truth. those are never safe. romance is never safe.

tuck: i avoid romance.

eliza: now that's playing it safe. i like to think that's just same old. but you've got a point, tuck.

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