Wednesday, October 27, 2010


i adore blazers. they can be worn casually, with skinny jeans, wedges, tunics or shirt dresses or to jazz up an evening ensemble. blazers are typically uniform garments, but this doesn't mean they can only be worn at yachting regattas, British boarding schools, boy scout initiation or in the airforce. if you're austin powers you can even wear a brightly coloured blazer for that 'swinging london' look. whatever the case, blazers are an essential item for any wardrobe.

marc by marc jacobs, 'crosstown' jacket


this authentic leather bag is from back in the soviet days, and was used to carry around maps, documents, stationary and compasses. circa 1960.

portugese brown suede leather ankle boots, with heel. delicious.

kate wears a tweed blazer in her topshop '7 days of kate' launch.

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