Thursday, October 28, 2010


this article was written back in 2009, when the cape town hipster possy was at its prime. Dylan Muhlenberg (whoever he is, he should run for Pres) exposes the pretentious douchery of our city's subverted youth, who bask in irony and live to 'emit vibe long enough for their poses to get flashed in the we-are-awesome famebulb.' they may as well throw parties in the bin, says one comment. this poison makes cevron look docile.

guerilla promotion? chip-shouldered loser complex? pure genius? whichever. it made me laugh quite a bit.

A is for Ageing

for now, i am going to remain on the rim of the city bowl and chuckle to myself at all this pretentious nonsense that remians the predominant discourse of trust-fund kids with spurred tattoo jobs and identity crises.

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