Friday, October 29, 2010

phantom limb

i've come to like gothic-inspired jewellery, mostly because it's about death and death isn't just something that is morbid and frightening. i'm enjoying the macabre aesthetic appropriated by bloodMilk designs. each piece is based on myth, prophecy and folklore, from native american tradition to victorian mourning, sinpired by catholic figures of grief, redmeption and tragedy such as joan of arc. skulls and bones aren't really that scary. they have a beauty about them that reaches beyond concepts of death and decay. the use of animal claws, bones, teeth and skulls cast in oxidized sterling silver creates a 'convulsive beauty' that'll make you shudder, even if involuntarily. the aesthetic of this collection allows one to feel awe and disgust at the same time. strange as it is, i cannot help but admire the enigma of her found object creations, as feminine as they are dark.

sparrow skull ring, your journey is never far from home.

fox tooth, for cunning quickness

owl claw, the prophet

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