Wednesday, October 20, 2010

to wade my naked feet in miracles

                                                        [some reasons to fill your day as they did mine]
  • buying a pre-loved dress from a second-hand shop and soaking it in bleach overnight so that, when rinsed and wrung and aired out in the sun (that rhymed), it comes out crisp and white and good as new
  • bottled evian
  • toasted tramezzinis from urban salad bar at the kloof street spar. (that rhymed again)
  • blue foundation's eyes on fire
  • watching old baywatch re-runs, laughing and exclaiming how so very 'nineties' it all was, what with the rows of boobs/pecs, whiny guitar drifts, medio acting and of course, the Hoff's growly presence.
  • johnson's baby oil and its many properties
  • chocolate pots from the deli.
  • the downward dog yogic position [ this is not dodgy ]

         hope you enjoyed my boring-ass blog list. x

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