Monday, October 25, 2010

the english sense of humour.

the front page of the newspaper today had a pretty funny article, in small font, somewhere beneath a spectacular cover story about a flood/famine/terrorist attack/celebrity meltdown. it was about the famous little town of Fucking, Austria (pronounced 'fooking') and the numerous phonecalls from English pranksters residents have been receiving lately (now really, why all the attention?) . according to the article (and i can imagine a rather bored journalist getting in some good behind-the-scene laughs while trying to remain objective) the hoodlams found residents' contact details by typing in the word 'Fucking' into the Austrian telephone directory. really now. some people have way too much time. the situation is so dire that the Mayor of Fucking has commented. in all dignity, he and the citizens of Fucking 'do not find zis funny.' neighbouring towns of 'Rottenegg' and 'Shitterton' have been having similar problems.

The publication censored out the offending letters of the name with asteriskes.

i clearly have too much time also.

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