Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the burning of the closet

so i'll give you my opinion. i don't normally do this. but i think i'll oblige, just for today. so consider yourself a lucky bastard.

considering 'pink week 2010' - i kept my mouth shut terribly tight. i always do when it comes to these often militant initiatives organised (in seemingly good will) by students. kudos. you're really making yourselves feel noble by forcing your greenpeace manifesto/gay rights mumb-jumbo/ironic racial stigmatization campaigns onto the average Joe Bloggs who simply wishes to put his (or her) head down, get the grindstone going long enough to eventually get home, where he(or she) may relax, eat high carb foodstuffs and watch American television on youtube in an attempt to escape such nonsense as what is projectiled all over the campus of South Africa's 'most liberal University.'

if you're going to perpetuate LGBTI stereotypes all over campus (even if your intention was to debunk these), then expect that some people will not be too happy with such a display. some people are uncomfortable with homosexual pride, especially when it is 'exoticised' and thrown about in people's faces. there's a fine line between expressing dignity and downright exhibitionism. i think many people out there are a little too cheeky for their own right, and should be humbled. however, setting the campaign on fire never solved much, either.

my advice:

smelling salts and a weekend job.



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